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We do maintenance, servicing and repair of new and exiting RO and filtration systems.

All your water filtration needs in one place

Water Wize Purifiers specializes in the planning, installation and maintenance of water purification systems for renewable and alternative water sources across Southern Africa .


These filtration systems can be installed onto your existing or new borehole, well point, municipal water supply or an alternative water sources.


We also design custom built filtration and sterilization systems for a wide variety of applications and biohazardous environments.


We install accros Southern Africa and strive to deliver a product that will meet and exceed our customers needs.


Please inquire about our wide range of Reverse Osmosis, Filtration and Sterilization systems and filtration media products.

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We provide additional services. Please consult with your sales representitive.

Reverse Osmosis, Filtration and Sterilization Systems

Biohazardous, Prefiltration skid
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